This product has reached end of life, we don't offer a direct replacement. However we have many other 128x64 OLEDs available.

128x64 Graphic OLED Display

Part Number: CFAL12864QX-Y

This 128x64 yellow OLED offers 3V operation, 8-bit parallel or SPI interface and a 30 pin FPC connector.

  • Black on yellow 128x64 graphic OLED display module
  • 16-level grayscale.
  • Extremely wide viewing angles.
  • Very high contrast ratio.
  • Built-in Solomon Systech SSD1325 or compatible controller.
  • 8-bit parallel interface or SPI Interface.
  • Operating temperature range -40C to +80C.
  • Suggested ZIF connectors are Amphenol / FCI 10051922-3010ELF or SFV30R-2STE1LF for horizontal bottom or top contacts, or Omron XF2M-3015-1A as a vertical connector.


Physical Characteristics

Column Dots x Row Dots 128 x 64
Module Overall width height depth
millimeters 73 41.86 3
inches 2.874 1.648 0.118
*width / height does not include Foldable Tab
PCB Outline width height depth
millimeters 73 41.86 3
inches 2.874 1.648 0.118
Diagonal Dimension 2.7"
Viewing Area width height
millimeters 63.41 32.69
inches 2.496 1.287
Active Area width height
millimeters 61.41 30.69
inches 2.418 1.208
Dot Size width height
millimeters 0.45 0.45
inches 0.018 0.018
Dot Pitch width height
millimeters 0.48 0.48
inches 0.019 0.019
Flexible Cable (FFC/FPC) length
millimeters 105.7
inches 4.161
Weight 14.4g

Optical Characteristics

Glass Type OLED
Polarizer Emissive
View Angle 160°
Foreground Color Grayscale
Background Color Yellow


Operating Temperatures min max
Celsius -40° 80°
Fahrenheit -40° 176°
Storage Temperatures min max
Celsius -40° 80°
Fahrenheit -40° 176°


Controller Documents Solomon Systech SSD1325
SSD1325 128 x 80, 16 Gray Scale Dot Matrix
OLED/PLED Segment/Common Driver with Controller
Interface 8-bit Parallel, SPI


Foldable Tab Yes

Part Change Notice

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Product Update #10732: End of Life Notification

Products Affected: CFAL12864LX-G, CFAL12864LX-Y, CFAL12864QX-Y, CFAL12864QX-G
Date Issued: November 10, 2016
Summary: End of Life Notification
Description: The listed parts are being discontinued and are not recommended for new designs. Existing stock is limited and will be sold until gone at the discounted price of $3.99.
Reason: Flex cable manufacturer discontinued required component.
Impact: Product End of Life
Recommendation: No suitable replacement is currently available
Availability: At this time we have no suitable replacements

Product Update #10613: (New Product) CFAL12864QX-Y

New Product: CFAL12864QX-Y
Date Issued: September 9, 2014
Summary: (New Product) CFAL12864QX-Y
Description: OLED Modules: Yellow 128x64 OLED, 16-level greyscale, Extremely wide viewing angles, Very high contrast ratio