176x264 ePaper Development Bundle

Part Number: CFAP176264A0-E2-2


This ePaper development bundle consists of our 176x264 3-color ePaper display with our CFA10084 ePaper adapter board
The CFA10084 ePaper adapter board is designed to attach to the back of the ePaper display.

*Comes fully assembled and tested.


Physical Characteristics

Weight 30.2g

Part Change Notice

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Part Change Notice #10980: ePaper adapter board now comes attached to displays in kits.

Products Affected: CFAP176264A0-E2-1, CFAP200200A1-E2-2, CFAP200200A1-E2-1, CFAP176264A0-E2-2
Date Issued: August 7, 2018
Summary: ePaper adapter board now comes attached to displays in kits.
Description: Product Development Kits containing the ePaper adapter board have been changed. Previously these kits were shipped with just the tail of the display connected to the adapter board by the ZIF connector. The kits will now be shipped with the displays also connected to the adapter board with double backed tape.
Reason: To prevent damage to the tail during shipping and general handling.
Recommendation: The display can be shipped without being attached to the adapter board. This must be requested as "special instructions" when the kit is ordered
Price Change: N/A