Female to Female Jumper Wires

Part Number: WR-JMP-Y40


Quantity Price
1 $2.70
5 $2.20
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Female to Female Jumper Wires (WR-JMP-Y40)


One packages of 20 each female-to -female jumper wires approx. 6" long, useful to connect to the optional CFA10037 prototype area headers. Assorted colors.


Physical Characteristics

Flexible Cable (FFC/FPC) length
millimeters 170
inches 6.693
Weight 14.1g

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Part Change Notice

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Product Update #10535: Jumper cables changed to single bundle of 20 each instead of 5 bundles.

Products Affected: WR-JMP-Y40, WR-JMP-Y41
Date Issued: October 23, 2013
Summary: Jumper cables changed to single bundle of 20 each instead of 5 bundles.
Description: Prototype jumper cables, WR-JMP-Y40 and WR-JMP-Y41 have been sold as five bundles of 20 cables (100 total). These parts are being changed to being purchased by single bundles of 20 jumper cables.
Reason: Flexibility to purchase less than 100 (5 bundles) jumper cables in quantities of 20.
Impact: Changes in quantity may be required when ordering.
Recommendation: If previously orders included WR-JMP-Y40 and WR-JMP-Y41, future orders will need to have the appropriate quantity increase to meet the same requirements.
Price Change: Pricing at 5 bundles of 20 and greater remains at the same price level.
Pricing for 1 to 4 bundles of 20 has an increase.

Product Update #10468: (New Product) WR-JMP-Y40

New Product: WR-JMP-Y40
Date Issued: April 19, 2013
Summary: (New Product) WR-JMP-Y40
Description: Cables: 7" Colored jumper cable (20cnt)