This product is End-Of-Life

(EOL)128x64 Graphic LCD Demo Board


Graphic LCD Demonstration Board compatible with CFAX12864T1 and CFAX12864U1 only. Includes power and parallel cable

The CFAX Demo PCB allows you to easily evaluate our CFAX12864CP1 displays. The CFAX Demo PCB connects to the parallel port of a standard PC, and requires +5v DC power. A "pigtail" cable is included for easy connection to a bench supply.

  • PCB includes an EL inverter
  • PCB includes jumpers to aid in measuring actual current consumption of the CFAX12864CP1 displays
  • There is a 0.1" header to aid in connecting the display to an MCU evaluation board
  • Demo board is compatible with CFAX12864CP and CFAX12864AP series modules only
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