How to Return a Product

Returning a Product

To begin the return process, a customer must first request an RMA number using our RMA Request Form. Crystalfontz America does not issue RMA numbers by phone or any other means. When completing the RMA Request Form, please provide the following information, if possible:

  • Part Number
  • Reason for Return
  • Picture of Defect
  • Original Invoice or Order Number
  • Serial Number, if applicable.
  • Contact Information (where to send a repaired product or replacement, if applicable).
    • Company or Individual Name
    • Complete Shipping Address
    • Area Code and Phone Number for Expedited Delivery

Submitting the request will create a ticket in our web-based support system. Crystalfontz America will email the customer an invitation to log in to the ticket system, so that they may monitor the progress on their ticket. Crystalfontz America will either issue an RMA number in the ticket, ask the customer for more information, or offer to help the customer resolve a technical problem to prevent the product from having to be returned. The customer will need to log in to the ticket system in order to view our responses and communicate with Crystalfontz America's staff.

Once an RMA number is issued, it is valid for fifteen (15) working days. Issuance of an RMA number does not mean the return is approved, it only means that Crystalfontz America will process the request in accordance with the Crystalfontz America return policy.

Note: Customers are responsible for the return shipping and insurance costs associated with a return.

Products must arrive here in the same condition as when the customer received them. However, if a product has been by modified by the customer, Crystalfontz America requests that the product be returned with the modifications intact. To protect the return, please review Crystalfontz America's guide on How to Pack Electronics Safely. By following our guide, the customer will prevent modules and electronics from becoming damaged due to ESD and other types of damage.

The customer must make sure that the RMA number is on the shipping label or on the outside of the package. All other documents should be included in the package at the time of return (e.g., repair order).

After Crystalfontz America receives the return, Crystalfontz America will inspect the product to determine the cause of any defect, then update the customer ticket with the findings. This process generally takes five (5) business days.

RMA replacement products typically ship via tracked economy delivery. If the customer requires faster shipping, the customer will need to specify this in their ticket. If a customer requests a faster shipping method, the customer will be charged for the difference in the shipping rate.