Complete One Inch LCD Dev Kit

Part Number: CFAG4265A0-TFK-E1-2


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Complete One Inch LCD Dev Kit (CFAG4265A0-TFK-E1-2)


This is a complete, assembled demonstration kit for our 42x65 one inch lcd display. The kit includes the display with the carrier board, connecting wires and a 3.3v Seeeduino v4.2, The Seeduino v4.2 is an Arduino compatible board that supports 3.3v.

The Seeduino comes pre-programmed with the open-source Arduino sketch (download link in the files section) and with the wires connected. Just supply 5v to the Seeduino through a standard micro-USB cable and the display will power up.

Since the source Arduino sketch is included, you can easily understand the initialization code and the routines that are used to update the display.


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Weight 50g

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Product Update #10889: (New Product) CFAG4265A0-TFK-E1-2

New Product: CFAG4265A0-TFK-E1-2
Date Issued: October 30, 2017
Summary: (New Product) CFAG4265A0-TFK-E1-2
Description: Standard Graphic Modules: Complete demonstration kit for our 42x65 one inch lcd display. Includes display, carrier board, and 3.3v Seeeduino/Arduino