White on Blue 20x2 Character LCD

Part Number: CFAH2002D-TMI-ET

Are you looking for a compact, easily readable 20x2 character LCD? The CFAH2002D-TMI-ET is a parallel character LCD module with a white edge backlight. The light text on the blue background gives it a sleek, high-tech look that would complement any product. This character LCD module is RoHS Compliant, has a transmissive polarizer and can operate in -20°C to +70°C temperature range. It has 6:00 o'clock viewing direction.

  • We have other variants of this 20x2 character lcd with different backlight and polarizers.
  • Ultra-Compact Design (only 89x21.5mm)
  • 8-bit or 4-bit parallel interface
  • Uses the super common, Industry-standard HD44780 compatible controller

Product Variations

Ordering Information
* This is a special order part.
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Part Change Notice

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  • text_snippet
    Part Change Notice #11079: Changing to Special Order
    Product Affected: CFAH2002D-TMI-ET
    Date Issued: March 9, 2021
    Summary: Changing to Special Order
    Description: The CFAH2002D-TMI-ET is no longer being offered as a standard off-the-shelf product. It will now be built to order and an MOQ will be required. Please contact sales for updated pricing information.
    Reason: Warehouse inventory reduction.
    Availability: The product is still available.
    Price Change: Please contact sales for the latest pricing information.
  • text_snippet
    Part Change Notice #11037: The Printed Circuit Boards for the parts listed are being revised as part of our continuing product improvement process.
    Products Affected: CFAH2002D-TMI-ET, CFAH2002D-YYH-ET
    Date Issued: January 29, 2019
    Summary: The Printed Circuit Boards for the parts listed are being revised as part of our continuing product improvement process.
    Reason: The PCB layout is being modified to improve manufacturability.
    A serial interface will be added to the current parallel interfaces.
    The PCB outline is modified but the dimensions will not change.
    A filter capacitor is being added to the power input to improve stability.
    Impact: The form, fit and function of the module will not change.
    Recommendation: Customers who want to test the revised modules should contact to obtain samples.
    Availability: The revised parts will be available as current stock is depleted.
    Price Change: No price change is anticipated.
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