16x2 Yellow Sunlight Readable OLED With SPI

Part Number: CFAL1602C-PYT

This yellow-on-black OLED SPI sunlight readable CFAL1602C-PYT provides a striking, high contrast visual appearance that stays consistent from -40°C to 80°C (-40°F to 176°F). Since OLEDs are emissive, there is no backlight, resulting in a thinner package that is ideal when you need a reliable 16x2 character display and space is at a premium. The modern look of the CFAL1602C-PYT OLED display provides a very wide 160° viewing angle, keeping the same crisp view from nearly any direction.

The command set of the on-board WS0010 controller is similar to the industry standard Hitachi HD44780 and compatibles, reducing your adoption time of the CFAL1602C-PYT into your project. With four built in font tables, multi-language support is a breeze.

Looking to change the look of your existing product that uses our CFAH1602C? The CFAL1602C-PYT has the same physical footprint.

  • Thin package, no backlight.
  • High contrast sunlight readable OLED Character Display.
  • True black background with yellow characters.
  • This SPI interface OLED has a sleek, modern visual appearance.
  • Four built in font tables:
    • English / Japanese
    • English / Western European I
    • English / Western European II
    • English / Cyrillic
  • Extra wide range operating temperature: -40°C to 80°C (-40°F to 176°F).
  • No visual change over entire operating temperature range.
  • Very wide 160° viewing angle.
  • Easy connectivity with standard 0.100" / 2.54mm connector.
  • SPI sample code, datasheet and RoHS/REACH Certificate of Compliance are under the Datasheets & Files section.

Check out or forum for a tutorial on how to wire this display using an Arduino and 4-wire SPI.

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Part Change Notice

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  • text_snippet
    Product Update #11116: Bezel Change
    Products Affected: CFAL0802A-Y, CFAL1602C-B, CFAL1602C-W, CFAL1602C-Y, CFAL1602C-YT, CFAL1602C-PW, CFAL1602C-PY, CFAL1602C-PYT
    Date Issued: February 21, 2022
    Summary: Bezel Change
    Description: The bezel around these OLED displays is being modified to remove the small gap adjacent to the PCB.
    Reason: This gap is used in the manufacturing of STN LCDs that share the same bezel and is not necessary for OLED displays.
    Availability: Contact Crystalfontz Support for up-to-date information by emailing
  • text_snippet
    Product Update #11103: Reset pin modification
    Products Affected: CFAL1602C-YT, CFAL1602C-PW, CFAL1602C-PY, CFAL1602C-PYT, CFAL5016A-PY
    Date Issued: October 14, 2021
    Summary: Reset pin modification
    Description: RST and CST, the components in the RC filter for the reset pin, are being modified. RST will be 33kOhms and CST will be 1uF.
    Reason: Some reset circuits have shown not to be strong enough to drive the reset pin within the specified timing. If the reset circuit is not strong enough, the controller will not properly reset which causes abnormal behavior.
  • text_snippet
    Product Update #10751: (New Product) CFAL1602C-PYT
    New Product: CFAL1602C-PYT
    Date Issued: December 9, 2016
    Summary: (New Product) CFAL1602C-PYT
    Description: OLED Modules: SPI 16x2 OLED Character Display, Yellow, Sunlight Readable

Part Change Notices

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