96x64 Graphic Color OLED Display

Part Number: CFAL9664B-F-B1

This 96x64 color OLED display module is in a class all its own. With its small size and full-color graphics, there's no limit to the design possibilities for this color OLED display. Small enough for a blade server, hard drive enclosure, mobile phone secondary screen, mobile media player, or any other application, this full-color OLED display module will make the information shine.

  • 96x64 Full color graphic OLED display module
  • Very small form factor
  • Extremely wide viewing angles
  • Very high contrast ratio
  • Built-in Solomon SSD1331 or compatible controller
  • 8-bit parallel interface or SPI Interface
  • RoHS Compliant
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Video Demonstrations

Here's a small video demonstration of this display in action.


Physical Characteristics

Column Dots x Row Dots 96 x 64
Module Overall width height depth
millimeters 24.8 22.42 1.42
inches 0.976 0.883 0.056
*width / height does not include Foldable Tab
Diagonal Dimension 0.95"
Viewing Area width height
millimeters 22.14 15.42
inches 0.872 0.607
Active Area width height
millimeters 20.14 13.42
inches 0.793 0.528
Dot Size width height
millimeters 0.05 0.19
inches 0.002 0.007
Dot Pitch width height
millimeters 0.07 0.21
inches 0.003 0.008
Weight 1.4g

Optical Characteristics

Glass Type OLED
Polarizer Emissive
View Angle 160°
Foreground Color RGB
Background Color Black

Electrical Specifications

Supply Voltage for Logic Minimum 2.4V
Supply Voltage for Logic Maximum 3.5V
Supply Voltage for Logic Typical 3V
Supply Voltage for Driving Panel Typical 13V
Supply Current Minimum 12.5mA
Supply Current Maximum 13.5mA
Module Connector Pitch 0.8mm


Operating Temperatures min max
Celsius -20° 70°
Fahrenheit -4° 158°
Storage Temperatures min max
Celsius -30° 80°
Fahrenheit -22° 176°
Humidity min max
Non-condensing 0% 90%


Controller Documents Solomon Systech SSD1332
Advance Information 96RGB x 64 Dot Matrix OLED/PLED Segment/Common Driver with Controller
Interface 8-bit Parallel, SPI


Foldable Tab Yes

Additional Options

We offer this display module in a few variations, including a lower-power version and in a development kit to quickly show the features of this display module. Demonstration kits are shipped complete with everything you need to get the display up and running, simply plug in the AC adapter.

Or to speed up prototyping, order this OLED pre-assembled on a carrier board.

96x64 OLED Full Color Display
Part Number: CFAL9664B-F-B2

This OLED is a thinner, lower power version of the CFAL9664B-F-B1 96x64 Graphic Color OLED Display. This version is 1.33mm thick and uses 2.7v for logic and 10v for driving whereas the CFAL9664B-F-B1 is 1.42mm thick and uses 3v for logic and 13v for driving the display.

OLEDs don't need backlights, so this vibrant full-color OLED is a mere 0.12 mm thick and weighs only 1.4 grams. The low power consumption is an advantage for handheld devices. With excellent readability for small print and graphics, the SPI interface (Serial Peripheral Interface) is popular for Arduino projects. The display's wide >160° viewing angle is a good choice for locations where different users look at the display from different angles.

  • 8-bit parallel (8080 or 6800) or SPI Interface.
  • Download the Solomon Systech SSD1331 controller datasheet from our website.
  • If you manufacture a high volume of your product, connecting is fast and easy with a hot-bar solder machine.
  • The display's bright contrast ratio of 2,000:1 will attract attention to your product.
  • The temperature range for operation is -30°C to +70°C.
  • RoHS compliant.
  • For a quick start, download the sample code in the Datasheets & Files section.
Undecided? Our free knowledgeable Technical Support team is happy to answer questions before you order.

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96x64 Color OLED with Carrier Board
Part Number: CFAL9664BFB1-E1-1

This OLED breakout-kit consists of our 96x64 graphic full-color OLED Display mounted on a carrier board.

The carrier board allows easy integration into your device or project. The carrier board has a convenient 8-pin, 0.10 inch center header. Integrated VPP means you only need a single power supply. The 4-wire SPI interface lets you connect your microcontroller directly to the display and simplifies circuit configuration by automatically handling panel voltage and interface selection.

Learn how to create a Tiny OLED Full Color Slideshow with this display in our Blog.

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Full-Color OLED Development Kit
Part Number: CFAL9664BFB1-E1-2

Complete OLED development kit using our full-color 96x64 OLED display. This kit includes the OLED display mounted on a breakout board, wired to an Arduino-compatible controller, and even the USB cable to connect to your computer.This OLED development kit comes completely assembled and ready to run our Arduino demonstration sketch.

Here's an article showing you how to use this display to create a Tiny OLED Full Color Slideshow.

Quantity 1
Price $45.95

Part Change Notice

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Product Update #11089: Documentation Discrepancy

Product Affected: CFAL9664B-F-B1
Date Issued: June 3, 2021
Summary: Documentation Discrepancy
Description: The datasheet and website have been updated to note that the controller is the Solomon Systech SSD1331. This notice is for the correction to documentation only, there are no changes to the hardware.
Reason: The datasheet and website incorrectly noted that the controller is an Solomon Systech SSD1332 where it should have noted that the controller is a Solomon Systech SSD1331.

Part Change Notice #10014: Datasheet correction

Product Affected: CFAL9664B-F-B1
Date Issued: July 2, 2009
Summary: Datasheet correction
Description: Reversed FPC detail drawing in Module Outline Drawings (Pg. 7) to match how the module looks from a front view. Corrected pin order on Quick Reference For Pin Functions (Front View) (Pg. 16). VPANEL is pin 2 and VLOGIC is pin 3. PLUS
This module does not have an internal DC-DC converter.
References to internal DC-DC converter (VDD2) were deleted, including in the System Block Diagram (Pg. 10).
Reason: Conflicting information was present which could cause failure of the product if the incorrect diagram were to be used. Also to reduce confusion regarding the DC-DC converter mentioned in the controller datasheet.
For reference only. For design purposes, please use the specifications in the datasheet.

Blog Posts about this product:

Product Notes

This module is engineered for high volume production. It uses a "TAB" (tape automated bonding) or "COF" (chip on flex) style flex tail mated with a "COG" (chip on glass) display. The TAB connector is soldered directly to corresponding pads on your PCB using a hot-bar soldering machine. High volume contract manufacturers will be familiar with this type of construction and its assembly methods. Hot-bar soldering machines designed for prototype, rework or repair of TAB connections are available from equipment suppliers at reasonable cost. The TAB style connection requires no separate connector, so the cost is very low, and the ultra thin profile of the display is maintained.