96x64 Color OLED with Carrier Board

Part Number: CFAL9664BFB1-E1-1


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This OLED breakout-kit consists of our 96x64 graphic full-color OLED Display mounted on a carrier board.

The carrier board allows easy integration into your device or project. The carrier board has a convenient 8-pin, 0.10 inch center header. Integrated VPP means you only need a single power supply. The 4-wire SPI interface lets you connect your microcontroller directly to the display and simplifies circuit configuration by automatically handling panel voltage and interface selection.

Video Demonstrations

96x64 Full Color OLED with Carrier Board

A quick video demonstration of our CFAL9664B-F-B2 on our carrier board (CFAL9664BFB1-E1-1)


Physical Characteristics

Weight 4.7g

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