96x64 Color OLED with Carrier Board

Part Number: CFAL9664BFB1-E1-1

This OLED breakout-kit consists of our 96x64 graphic full-color OLED Display mounted on a carrier board.

The carrier board allows easy integration into your device or project. The carrier board has a convenient 8-pin, 0.10 inch center header. Integrated VPP means you only need a single power supply. The 4-wire SPI interface lets you connect your microcontroller directly to the display and simplifies circuit configuration by automatically handling panel voltage and interface selection.

Learn how to create a Tiny OLED Full Color Slideshow with this display in our Blog.

Quantity Price
1 $21.65
10 $18.84
20 $18.17
50 $17.51
100 $17.25
200 $16.98
300 * $16.85
500 * $16.72
1000 * $16.59
* Pricing is subject to change. Contact us about potential lead times.
Components worth considering
1871 6-inch Female to Female Jumper Wires
Add jumper wires? $2.94 ea.
4583 Seeeduino 4.2
Need a microcontroller? $17.97 ea.
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Physical Characteristics

Diagonal Dimension 0.95"
Weight 4.7g