The display in this kit has gone end-of-life. We'll be replacing this kit with the CFAP104212D1-E2.

Flexible eInk with Adapter

Part Number: CFAP104212D0-E2-1

This 2.13" Flexible eInk/ePaper display kit comes attached to our ePaper adapter board for quick prototyping with any Arduino based controller.

ePaper is perfect for low-energy devices such as shelf labels or name tags; that require few updates and a slow refresh rate. ePaper displays can be disconnected completely from any power source and their screen will maintain it's picture indefinitely.


Physical Characteristics

Diagonal Dimension 2.13"
Weight 3.2g

Electrical Specifications

Module Connector Pitch 2.54mm

Part Change Notice

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End-Of-Life #11185: End-Of-Life Notification

Products Affected: CFAP104212D0-E2-2, CFAP104212D0-E2-1
Date Issued: March 14, 2023
Summary: End-Of-Life Notification
Description: This display is going End-Of-Life and is being replaced with the CFAP104212D0-0213. There are some changes to the initialization sequence that will be required.
Reason: The controller for the display sometimes exhibits errors if it is not reset using the new sequence as shown in the demonstration code.
Availability: Contact Crystalfontz Support for up-to-date information by emailing