The display in this kit has gone end-of-life. We'll be replacing this kit with the CFAP104212D1-E2.

Flexible eInk with Adapter

Part Number: CFAP104212D0-E2-1

This 2.13" Flexible eInk/ePaper display kit comes attached to our ePaper adapter board for quick prototyping with any Arduino based controller.

ePaper is perfect for low-energy devices such as shelf labels or name tags; that require few updates and a slow refresh rate. ePaper displays can be disconnected completely from any power source and their screen will maintain it's picture indefinitely.
  • square_foot Physical Characteristics

    Physical Characteristics

    Diagonal Dimension 2.13"
    Weight 3.2g
  • electric_bolt Electrical Specification

    Electrical Specifications

    Module Connector Pitch 2.54mm
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Part Change Notice

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  • text_snippet
    End-Of-Life #11185: End-Of-Life Notification
    Products Affected: CFAP104212D0-E2-2, CFAP104212D0-E2-1
    Date Issued: March 14, 2023
    Summary: End-Of-Life Notification
    Description: This display is going End-Of-Life and is being replaced with the CFAP104212D0-0213. There are some changes to the initialization sequence that will be required.
    Reason: The controller for the display sometimes exhibits errors if it is not reset using the new sequence as shown in the demonstration code.
    Availability: Contact Crystalfontz Support for up-to-date information by emailing
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