This ePaper development bundle consists of our 122x250 epaper display and a ePaper Adapter Board.

2.13" ePaper with Adapter Board

Part Number: CFAP122250A0-E2-1

This ePaper development kit includes 2.13" ePaper display, ePaper Adapter Board for quickly proptyping using your 3.3v Seeeduino or Arduino.
Cables are NOT included


Physical Characteristics

Weight 5.4g

Part Change Notice

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Part Change Notice #11082: End-of-life notice with upcoming replacement

Products Affected: CFAP122250A0-0213, CFAP122250A0-E2-2, CFAP122250A0-E2-1
Date Issued: April 6, 2021
Summary: End-of-life notice with upcoming replacement
Description: The controller that is used on this display is going end-of-life and is being replaced by a new controller. There will be a new part that is released, the CFAP122250A2-0213. The new display may require slight code and hardware changes depending on the application. For further questions, please contact
Reason: New technologies have caused the old version to go end-of-life.
Availability: Available immediately.