122x250 2.13" ePaper Display Module

Part Number: CFAP122250A2-0213

At 2.13" diagonal and 122x250 resolution, this ePaper display supports detailed images. One huge benefit of ePaper displays is that they are bi-stable- which means once an image is set on the display does not require any power to hold it there.

This ePaper is black and white monochrome and supports partial updates in addition to full display updates. That makes it a great choice for showing data where one part updates more quickly than others. Keep in mind that an update takes around 3 seconds.

Because ePaper displays hold images without using power, they are great choices for solar or battery-powered projects. If the refresh time on an ePaper makes it unsuitable, check out this list of low-power displays.
  • Black and white monochrome
  • Bistable (Will continue to display with no power source)
  • Full or partial refresh
  • Low Power
Sample code and datasheet can be found in the Datasheets & Files section. The sample sketch is written for a Seeeduino which is a 3.3v version of the popular Arduino Uno hardware. A development kit for this display is available and includes the Seeeduino and adapter board.

Use our free ePaper software to prepare bitmaps for this display.

Adapter / Breakout Board
Want to get this display up and running quickly with an Arduino or Seeeduino? We have this ePaper Adapter Board that makes connecting our ePaper simple and fast.

This display replaces the CFAP122250A0-0213. It is physically similar but requires different initialization code.

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Quantity Price
1 $12.51
5 $10.98
10 $10.70
20 $10.34
50 * $9.97
100 * $9.83
200 * $9.75
300 * $9.68
500 * $9.61
1000 * $8.74
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Components worth considering
4518 ePaper Adapter Board
Speed up development $11.68 ea.
4626 24 Position, 0.5mm Pitch, Gold, FCC FPC ZIF Connector
Add 5 ZIF Connectors $0.97 ea.

Additional Options

Purchase this ePaper with an Adapter board or a complete development kit to speed up prototyping
122x250 ePaper Development Kit
Part Number: CFAP122250A2-E2-2
Quantity 1
Price $53.81
2.13" ePaper with Adapter Board
Part Number: CFAP122250A2-E2
Quantity 1 5 10 20 50 * 100 * 200 * 300 * 500 * 1000 *
Price $24.05 $21.10 $20.55 $19.86 $19.16 $18.88 $18.75 $18.61 $18.47 $16.80

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