This display is not recommended for new designs. Once inventory is depleted it will no longer be available.

128x296 ePaper Dev Kit

Part Number: CFAP128296E0-E2-2

Complete ePaper development kit. Includes our 128x296 3-color epaper display with our ePaper adapter board and a Seeeduino. Kit comes assembled and ready for use.


Physical Characteristics

Weight 31g

Part Change Notice

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Part Change Notice #11091: No Longer Stocking Color ePapers

Products Affected: CFAP400300C0-0420, CFAP104212E0-0213, CFAP128296E0-0290, CFAP128296E0-E2-1, CFAP128296E0-E2-2, CFAP152152B0-0154, CFAP152152B0-E2-1, CFAP152152B0-E2-2, CFAP104212E0-E2-2, CFAP104212E0-E2-1, CFAP400300C0-E2-2, CFAP400300C0-E2-1
Date Issued: June 25, 2021
Summary: No Longer Stocking Color ePapers
Description: Once the current inventory has been depleted, this product will no longer be offered by Crystalfontz.
Reason: Crystalfontz is no longer stocking color ePapers due to the shelf-life and storage requirements.