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2.7" Black and White ePaper with Adapter Board

Part Number: CFAP176264B0-E2-1

Buy this 2.7" Black and White ePaper display attached with our ePaper adapter board to quickly prototype your Arduino ePaper project.

The EPD screen comes attached to the adapter board and is ready for wiring. The ePaper adapter board can be used with all Crystalfontz ePaper displays. This kit makes it easy for you to connect our ePaper to the microcontroller of your choice, requiring only 3.3v and i2C or SPI interface.

Be sure to checkout all of our ePaper development kits. They're perfect for Arduino and other small microcontrollers.


Physical Characteristics

Diagonal Dimension 2.71"
Weight 8.4g

Electrical Specifications

Module Connector Pitch 2.54mm

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