38 inch PC Power to 16-Pin Cable

Part Number: WR-PWR-Y24

PC power supply to 16 pin connector cable used to connect power directly from the power supply to our CFA631 or CFA635 LCD modules or CFA-RS232 board.

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10 * $4.60
20 * $4.31
50 * $4.03
100 * $3.74
500 * $3.45
1000 * $3.16
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Physical Characteristics

Flexible Cable (FFC/FPC) length
millimeters 965
inches 37.992
Weight 10g
For reference only. For design purposes, please use the specifications in the datasheet.

Product Notes

When using this cable with CFA631 family modules - Open JP2. With CFA735 family modules - Open JP10. This will avoid back-powering the USB subsystem.