MicroSD Card Reader

Part Number: CFA10112

This microSD (uSD) breakout board makes connecting a microSD card to your project a cinch. It functions using the "SD" interface (quad-SPI) or standard 4-wire SPI. The uSD card pins are broken out to a 0.1" header that is ideal to connect with a microcontroller dev board such as a Seeeduino or an ESP32 DevKit.

Connecting an uSD card to your project allows you to display images that exceed your microcontroller's available memory. Perfect for all display types, including OLED, TFT, ePaper, etc. We use an uSD card and breakout board to show image slideshows on little OLED displays, as well as hold large demos for our EVE display modules, and playing a video on a TFT.

This uSD breakout board is designed for 3.3v microcontrollers like the Seeeduino or Raspberry Pi. To use with a 5v source, it will require external level shifters for each signal.

Note that this product is just the breakout board. You can also add a uSD card to your order or use it with a card you already have.

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