OLED Development Kits

Want to start developing with OLED technology quickly and easily? Purchase an OLED display in a development kit and it will arrive ready to plug-in and run with our sample code. You can purchase either a carrier board or a complete Arduino compatible development kit that includes the display, carrier board and an Arduino based controller.

128x36 Full Color OLED with carrier board.
This bundle consists of a CFAL12836A0-088 OLED display mounted on a CFA-10082 demonstration shield. Compatible with Seeeduino 4.2 (3.3 Arduino compatible).
Transparent OLED Development Kit
Complete transparent OLED development kit with everything you need to get started!
1.54 Inch White OLED Development Kit
1.54" White OLED Development kit with breakout board and Seeeduino for quick demos.
128x36 OLED Seeeduino Development Kit
CFAL12836A0-088 Full Color .88 Inch OLED display mounted on a CFA-10082 carrier board plugged into a Seeeduino v4.2. Simply Power it on and demonstration will begin displaying images from the included SD card.
96x64 Color OLED with Carrier Board
96x64 full-color graphic oled display with carrier board.
96x64 OLED with carrier board
96x64 pixel OLED display with a carrier board. Completely assembled
Full-Color OLED Development Kit
96x64 OLED Development Kit with Arduino compatible controller.
96x64 Full-Color OLED Development Kit
96x64 full-color OLED display with carrier board and Arduino compatible controller.