This module is not recommended for new designs as it's end-of-life. Once current stock is depleted it will no longer be available. We recommend this 240x320 3.2" Full Color TFT LCD for new designs.

240x320 3.2 inch Full Color TFT LCD

Part Number: CFAF240320A-032T

This 3.2-inch diagonal RGB TFT display module is sharp and bright. For faster prototyping, buy the kit with a breakout carrier board.(See ADDITIONAL OPTIONS below.)


  • Full-color (262K) 240xRGBx320 display module consists of a TFT panel, a driver IC, an FFC/FPC flexible cable, and an LED backlight.
  • Active Area is 3.2" diagonal, 48.60 (W) x 64.80 (H) millimeters (1.91" (W) x 2.55" (H).
  • Host interface is 16-bit, 8080 parallel and SPI interfaces.
  • With an integrated Orise Tech OTM3225A or compatible controller, only a single 3.3v supply is required for both power supply and logic.
  • The display module's 45-pin FFC/FPC flexible cable mates with standard 0.5 mm ZIF sockets such as 45 Position, 0.50mm Pitch ZIF Connector.
  • 9:00 o'clock viewing direction (polarizer viewing direction). Use in portrait or landscape orientation.
  • Operating temperature range is from -20°C to +70°C.
  • This display is RoHS compliant.

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Quantity Price
1 $32.88
10 $29.90
20 $29.45
50 $28.76
100 $28.32
200 $27.67
500 * $26.57
1000 * $24.47
* Pricing is subject to change. Contact us about potential lead times.
Components worth considering
4638 45 Position, 0.50mm Pitch, Gold, FPC FCC ZIF Connector
Add 5 ZIF Connectors $1.50 ea.
4830 45-Position ZIF Breakout Board
Add a 45-pin ZIF Breakout Board? $6.54 ea.

Additional Options

As an option, you can order this TFT pre-assembled onto a breakout/carrier board. The board allows easy prototyping through its 0.1" headers. You can also include the carrier board in your end product to simplify construction and assembly. The carrier board contains a constant-current switching LED driver. The PCB is sized to fit neatly within the outline of the display.

CFAF240320A-032T TFT With Carrier Board
Part Number: CFAF240320A-032T-CB
Quantity 1 10 20 50 100
Price $46.41 $43.42 $42.99 $42.30 $41.87

Part Change Notice

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  • text_snippet
    Part Change Notice #10674: CFAF240320A-032T and CFAF240320A-032T-TS End of Life
    Products Affected: CFAF240320A-032T-TS-CB, CFAF240320A-032T-TS, CFAF240320A-032T-CB, CFAF240320A-032T
    Date Issued: October 7, 2015
    Summary: CFAF240320A-032T and CFAF240320A-032T-TS End of Life
    Last revision: A
    Description: CFAF240320A-032T and CFAF240320A-032T-TS is End Of Life as of 2015-10-07. This part is no longer being manufactured.
    Reason: Due to the discontinuation of this part's controller, this part can no longer be manufactured.
    Impact: Immediate.
    Recommendation: We are working diligently to source a replacement part. Once identified, we will issue a second PCN with the replacement part information.
    Availability: Current stock will be available until exhausted.
    Part will then be unavailable.
    Price Change: N/A
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    Product Update #10419: (New Product) CFAF240320A-032T
    New Product: CFAF240320A-032T
    Date Issued: May 11, 2012
    Summary: (New Product) CFAF240320A-032T
    Description: Under TFT LCD Modules: 240x320 graphic TFT display module.

Part Change Notices

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