240x320 Color TFT w/Carrier Board

Part Number: CFAF240320X0-020T-E1-1

This TFT Development kit includes the 240x320 2 inch TFT with a carrier board for quick prototyping with a 3.3v Arduino.

You can also order the 240x320 Color TFT Complete Dev Kit for quick prototyping.

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Physical Characteristics

Diagonal Dimension 2.01"
Weight 30g

Additional Options

Purchase the complete development kit, ready to use.

240x320 Color TFT Complete Dev Kit
Part Number: CFAF240320X0-020T-E1-2

This complete TFT development kit includes the 240x320 2" full-color TFT, Seeeduino, Carrier board, Cables and Headers.

Want just the display and carrier board? You can order the 240x320 Color TFT w/Carrier Board.

Quantity 1
Price $52.10