800x480 4.3" TFT Display Module

Part Number: CFAF800480H0-043SN

This 4.3" TFT display is super bright (1,000 nits), full color, and IPS making it a great choice for a wide variety of applications. This display can be used in direct sunlight, in indoor lighting, or in the dark. It can be mounted above, at, or below eye level without color inversion.

This display does not include a touch screen, but check out the product variants for a capacitive touch and a resistive touch display.

Key Features:
  • Sunlight readable 1,000 nits
  • IPS (viewable from all directions)
  • Uses the Sitronix ST7262 Controller

Part Number:
CFA - Crystalfontz America
800480 - 800x480 pixel resolution
H0 - Family and revision
043 - 4.3" diagonal dimension
S - Sunlight readable
N - No touchscreen
Quantity Price
1 $28.98
5 $24.20
10 $23.56
50 $22.77
100 $21.65
200 $21.49
300 $21.33
500 $21.17
1000 * $21.02
* For quantites over this amount the lead time may be up to 60 Days. Contact us about potential lead times.
Components worth considering
4637 40 Position, 0.50mm Pitch, Gold, FCC FPC ZIF connector
Add 5 ZIF Connectors $1.45 ea.
4628 10 Position, 0.5mm Pitch, Gold, FCC FPC ZIF Connector
Add Touchscreen ZIF Connectors? $0.62 ea.
4832 40-Position ZIF Breakout Board
Add a 40-pin ZIF Breakout Board? $6.43 ea.
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Video Demonstrations

Watch this 4.3-inch TFT LCD Display demonstration video to see how this display looks.


Physical Characteristics

Column Dots x Row Dots 800 x 480
Module Overall width height depth
millimeters 105.5 67.15 2.85
inches 4.154 2.644 0.112
Diagonal Dimension 4.3"
Active Area width height
millimeters 95.04 53.86
inches 3.742 2.120
Weight 38.7g
Pin Count 40

Optical Characteristics

Glass Type TFT
Polarizer IPS
View Angle 160°
Sunlight Readable Yes
Backlight Color White
Backlight Type LED
Foreground Color RGB
Background Color Dark

Electrical Specifications

Supply Voltage for Logic Minimum 3.3V
Supply Voltage for Logic Maximum 3.6V
Supply Voltage for Logic Typical 3.3V
Supply Voltage for Driving Panel Typical 3.3V
Supply Current Minimum 3.3mA
Supply Current Maximum 3.6mA
Supply Current Typical 40mA

Backlight Electrical Specifications

Forward Voltage Minimum 16.2V
Forward Voltage Maximum 19.2V
Forward Current Typical 40mA


Operating Temperatures min max
Celsius -20° 70°
Fahrenheit -4° 158°
Storage Temperatures min max
Celsius -30° 80°
Fahrenheit -22° 176°


Controller Documents Sitronix ST7262
1200CH System-On-Chip Driver for 800RGBx480 TFT
Interface DOT-CLK interface / Generic RGB


Nits 1000

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Part Change Notice #11183: 800x480 4.3" TFT Display Module is now available

New Product: CFAF800480H0-043SN
Date Issued: March 9, 2023
Summary: 800x480 4.3" TFT Display Module is now available
Description: CFAF800480H0-043SN has been released on our website (https://www.crystalfontz.com/product/cfaf800480h0043sn-800x480-4-point-3-inch-tft-display) and is now available for sale. Orders can be placed directly from our website or by submitting a purchase order to sales@crystalfontz.com. Contact support@crystalfontz.com for any technical questions.
For reference only. For design purposes, please use the specifications in the datasheet.