White 128x32 Small Graphic OLED Display

Part Number: CFAL12832B-0091P-W

This 0.91-inch diagonal graphic OLED display module has a 2000:1 contrast ratio, with a true black background in dramatic contrast to the white pixels.

  • SPI interface
  • 15-pin, direct solder flex tail for super-thin profile, high volume applications
  • Integrated Solomon Systech SSD1306 controller.
  • Operating temperature range from -20°C to +*80°C

Product Variations

Yellow on BlackWhite on Black

  • square_foot Physical Characteristics

    Physical Characteristics

    Column Dots x Row Dots 128 x 32
    Module Overall width height depth
    millimeters 30 11.5 1.26
    inches 1.18 0.45 0.05
    *width / height does not include Foldable Tab
    Diagonal Dimension 0.91"
    Viewing Area Width Height
    millimeters 24.38 7.58
    inches 0.96 0.30
    Active Area Width Height
    millimeters 22.38 5.58
    inches 0.88 0.22
    Dot Size Width Height
    millimeters 0.152 0.152
    inches 0.0060 0.0060
    Dot Pitch Width Height
    millimeters 0.175 0.175
    inches 0.0069 0.0069
    Weight 1g
  • visibility Optical Characteristics

    Optical Characteristics

    Glass Type OLED
    Polarizer Emissive
    View Angle >160°
    Foreground Color White
    Background Color Black
  • electric_bolt Electrical Specification

    Electrical Specifications

    Supply Voltage for Logic Minimum 2.8V
    Supply Voltage for Logic Maximum 3.3V
    Supply Voltage for Logic Typical 3V
    Supply Voltage for Driving Panel Typical 7.25V
    Supply Current Maximum 11mA
    Supply Current Typical 7mA
    Module Connector Pitch 0.65mm
  • nature Enviromental


    Operating Temperatures min max
    Celsius -40° 85°
    Fahrenheit -40° 185°
    Storage Temperatures min max
    Celsius -40° 85°
    Fahrenheit -40° 185°
    Humidity min max
    Non-condensing 0% 90%
  • cable Electronics


    Controller Documents Solomon Systech SSD1306
    SSD1306 128 x 64 Dot Matrix
    OLED/PLED Segment/Common Driver with Controller
    Interface SPI
  • picture_as_pdf Datasheets
  • download Files and Downloads
  • assured_workload Compliance Documents

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This module is engineered for high volume production. It uses a "TAB" (tape automated bonding) or "COF" (chip on flex) style flex tail mated with a thin display. The TAB connector solders directly to corresponding pads on your PCB using a hot-bar soldering machine, or is bonded with anisotropic adhesive using heat and pressure. High volume contract manufacturers will be familiar with this type of construction and its assembly methods. Hot-bar soldering machines designed for prototype, rework or repair of TAB connections are available from equipment suppliers at reasonable cost. The TAB style connection requires no separate connector, so the cost is very low, and the ultra-thin profile of the display is maintained.

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