This product has reached end of life.   This development kit has been revised to CFAL12864D1-0154MY-E1-2.

1.54 Inch Yellow OLED Dev Kit

Part Number: CFAL12864D-0154M-Y-E1-2

Simply apply power to this OLED dev kit to get it up and running. This kit includes a yellow 1.54" OLED display, a breakout board, and a Seeeduino all connected and loaded with demo-code that displays text and images so all you have to do is plug the included micro-USB into a power supply.

The included 128x64 Yellow Graphic OLED display is high contrast and has a super-wide viewing angle. The OLED breakout board handles boosting the input 3.3v up to power the panel, so no higher voltage input is required. The kit ships with the display mounted on the breakout board.

Part Change Notice

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    Part Change Notice #11078: Brightness change, revising to new part number
    Products Affected: CFAL12864D-0154M-Y, CFAL12864D-0154M-Y-E1-2
    Date Issued: February 26, 2021
    Summary: Brightness change, revising to new part number
    Description: The OLED is being updated to newer materials which will cause the brightness per pixel to increase. We will release the part under a new part number, CFAL12864D1-0154M-Y.

    The brightness can be reduced to match the original OLED brightness (150nits) by updating the firmware to send the value 05h to the contrast control register at address 81h.

    Please contact support for any questions.
    Reason: Process improvements and upgrading the display to newer materials.
    Availability: With the ongoing worldwide glass shortage, the availability is still to be determined. For updates, please contact
    Price Change: This change does not affect the price.
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