400x300 ePaper with Breakout board

Part Number: CFAP400300B1-E2-1

This kit includes the 4.2" black and white ePaper and the ePaper adapter board for quick and easy wiring. This combo is perfect for demonstrating functionality, or for simplifying the design of your project.

We provide demonstration code for 3.3v Arduino Uno compatible devices and other resources in the files section in the right sidebar.

Quantity Price
1 $45.16
5 $39.64
10 $38.61
20 $37.29
50 $36.00
100 $35.47
200 $35.21
300 $34.95
500 $34.68
1000 * $31.56
* For quantites over this amount the lead time may be up to 60 Days. Contact us about potential lead times.
Components worth considering
1871 6-inch Female to Female Jumper Wires
Add jumper wires? $3.38 ea.
4583 Seeeduino 4.3
Need a microcontroller? $10.00 ea.
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Video Demonstrations

See how this ePaper looks and works.


Physical Characteristics

Weight 40.6g