One-Wire Temperature Sensor

Part Number: WR-DOW-Y17

The WRDOWY17's cross section is identical to the DS18B20, allowing the sensor to be installed in space constrained locations. The DS18B20 is identical to the DS1822 sensor with better accuracy, so the WRDOWY17 may be used to replace the DS1822, depending on the application.

The Dallas One Wire DS18B20 measuring 12" + 12" between connectors for an approximate length when stretched of 25". The temperature sensor can connect multiple cables to a single LCD. Easy connection of up to 32 sensors to the CFA533, CFA631 (with SCAB), CFA633, CFA633 USB and CFA635 (with SCAB). RoHS compliant.

This temperature sensor uses "1-Wire" protocol to communicate, which makes it perfect for Arduino or Raspberry PI projects.

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