Crystalfontz Production Line - testing LCD modules

Behind The Scenes: LCD Production Line

This is the first in a series of day-in-the-life posts at Crystalfontz. Today, we go behind the scenes and visit the production line — the final stage of the LCD manufacturing process.

The Crystalfontz high-level interface modules go through a battery of tests and inspections. Our dedicated crew checks for electronic problems as well as physical imperfections prior to shipment.

Crystalfontz Production Line - LCD testing equipment
Bench Power Supply

The bench power supply is used during LCD testing to supply voltage to the modules while limiting current — so no damage occurs if there is a fault in the module.

Crystalfontz Production Line - tech specs
Testing station 1

Each station has dual monitors with the testing steps and requirements for each series of modules. The Crystalfontz firmware is loaded on each module in this step.

Crystalfontz Production Line - static guards
Electrostatic protection

Electronics such as LCDs are electrostatic-sensitive devices. This means that the static that builds up in people, buildings, and tools can damage a module if ‘shocked’ with static.

We take great care to prevent damage to LCDs due to electrostatic charge. In the photo above, note the conductive flooring, desk mat, wrist guard, shoe guard, and blue lab coat — all designed to prevent electrostatic problems.

Crystalfontz Production Line - LCD modules that passed inspection
Modules That Passed Specifications in the Production Line

Additionally, our LCD trays (above) are coated to prevent static build-up.

Crystalfontz Production Line - Barcode Scanning
Barcode Scanning

The modules are tracked by bar-coded serial number through the production process.

Crystalfontz Production Line - testing LCD modules
Powering Up

Modules are powered up several times and run through a series of tests to ensure the firmware is functioning as it should.

That wraps up our quick tour of the Crystalfontz production line. Additional day-in-the-life posts to follow.


For any questions about our LCD quality control or process, please contact our knowledgeable and friendly support staff via email, phone, or chat.