Summer 2023 – New Products

We’ve released some pretty neat new products this summer! Check them out below:


New Small TFTs

Our new TFTs are tiny! We added a family of TFTs that are less than 1″ on the diagonal with full color and an optional touchscreen. Find out more on the product pages:

Display with black bezel area pinched between a thumb and pointer finger. Text display on screen says "CFAF80160A0-0096TW CFA - Crystalfontz F- TFT 80160 - 80x160 0096 - 0.96" T- Standard Bright W - Cap Touch"

We also introduced a family of 240×320 2″ Transflective TFTTs. Thanks to the transflective technology, these displays are sunlight readable without needing a high powered backlight.

A 3.3v source is sufficient for both logic and backlight power!

A resistive touch version of the 2″ transflective TFT is also available.

Display shown with a hand for scale. The display is roughly the length of the thumb. Text is displayed on the screen but is mostly unreadable.

Our final new small display of the summer is the 240×320 2.4″ Resistive Touchscreen TFT Display.

This display joins our family of 2.4″ displays which already included a non-touch and a capacitive touch display with overhanging glass. This family of displays is sunlight readable thanks to a bright backlight, and supports parallel, RGB, or SPI communication.

Display shown with hand for scale. Display has text that says "CFAF240320A0-024SR 240x320 Full-color TFT Resistive Touchscreen 8/9/16/18 Bit Parallel SPI & RGB interfaces Bright white LED backlight Integrated Controller wide viewing angles ZIF Connector Crystalfontz"

Display Accessories

ZIF Breakout Boards

We recently released the first 13 boards in our new Breakout Boards family. These boards take a ZIF connector and break it out to a tenth inch header for easy prototyping. Simply connect a display with a ZIF tail into an appropriate CFA Breakout Board and you can easily connect it to your microprocessor.

If your display requires a higher backlight voltage or lots of external passive components, consider our Multi-Use ZIF Breakout Board which has land patterns for components and a voltage booster.

USB-C Cables

We also released four different USB-C cables. Snag one of these for connecting our intelligent LCDs to your computer, use one with a Seeeduino, or just to have a spare cable around.

Parts Changed

While we do everything we can to avoid changing our parts, sometimes change is inevitable. These parts were recently updated to allow us to continue to provide them in the long term:

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