Display inserted into ZIF connector on breakout board with finger to close ZIF connector

Transparent OLED Breakout Board: FAQs

Do you have a transparent OLED question? Check out this compilation of frequently asked questions about the transparent OLED display and the transparent OLED breakout board (CFA10105). First, a lot of other questions can be answered by checking out these resources: CFA10105 datasheet (will download) Transparent OLED datasheet Getting started guide (for Seeeduino) Transparent on …

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a transparent OLED with blue pixels displaying a clock. Under the display is a sticker with the crystalfontz logo that is partially visible through the display. The display is on a breakout board connected to a raspberry pi zero

Pi Day Giveaway

This giveaway has now closed This year for Pi Day, Crystalfontz is giving away a transparent OLED and a Pi Zero! Transparent OLED on Pi Zero The transparent OLED, transparent OLED breakout board, a USB cable, necessary wires and headers, and a Pi Zero with the uSD card, running a demonstration. KelseyKelsey is an engineer …

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Transparent Display: How to Hack Together Your Own Transparent Display

DIY Transparent Display The transparent display we offer for sale (CFAL12856A0-0151) is an OLED (Organic Light Emitting Diode) display. OLED displays produce images by emitting light in the corresponding color. To produce black in a normal OLED, the pixels are simply turned off. With the transparent display, if the pixels are turned off, the display …

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