New Products – Spring 2024

As always, the Crystalfontz team has been working to bring you new and exciting display solutions. This update includes a family of modules designed to integrate with the Raspberry Pi CM4, some transparent LCDs, a family of 2.8″ TFTs, and a few updates to products to ensure long availability with minimal design changes required.

Raspberry Pi CM4 Compatible Modules

New to our product line are two beautiful displays designed to work quickly and easily with the Raspberry Pi Compute Module 4. These displays are crisp 5″ displays with 720×1280 resolution and in-plane switching (IPS). These modules include easy mounting for compute module, and break out a ton of functionality onto a variety of headers.

Features include:

  • 5 inch TFT, 1280×720 high pixel density, high-brightness display
  • Multi-touch capacitive or non-touchscreen options
  • Raspberry Pi CM4 based (quad-core 64bit SoC @ 1.5GHz, 1/2/4/8GB RAM options, microSD or 8/16/32GB eMMC storage options)
  • A full Raspberry Pi standard 40 pin IO header
  • Compact expansion header access to PCI-E, HDMI, SPI and Ethernet
  • An extra six GPIO lines from an on-board I2C IO expander IC
  • Battery backed up real time clock
  • Flexible power supply options (barrel-jack, Micro USB or PCB header)

Available both as a non-touch module or a capacitive touch module, these display modules are a fantastic choice for your compute module based product!

Transparent LCDs

Also new are our transparent LCDs. We offer these transparent LCDs in two sizes – the 1.1″ transparent LCD and the 2.2″ transparent LCD. These displays hugely outperformed out expectations, so they are back ordered at the time of writing. We hope to be shipping them again in the next month or so!

If you’ve seen our DIY transparent LCD tutorial, these displays are like those, but done for you! These displays work with our graphic LCD adapter board.

2.8″ TFTs

Coming in on the diagonal between our popular 2.4″ and 3″ displays, we are now offering a 2.8″ display family. These displays are IPS, and support SPI interfacing in addition to 18-bit parallel and RGB. Plus, if you’re already using our 2.4″ displays, these displays use the same controller IC and have the same resolution, so it’s easy to migrate to a slightly larger TFT.

This family includes a non-touch version and a resistive touch version as off-the-shelf offerings. If you’re interested in a capacitive touch version, let us know! Minimum order quantities may apply.

Part Number Changes

As much as we try to avoid changing parts, sometimes it’s inevitable. These parts have recently been updated to ensure they are available for the long run.

First up is this little 122×32 pixel graphic LCD. The controller IC went end-of-life forcing us to adopt a different controller IC. This new model is fully compatible with the previous version.

Next is this large 40×4 character display. The bezel on this display was updated to improve manufacturability.

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