Pi Day Giveaway

a transparent OLED with blue pixels displaying a clock. Under the display is a sticker with the crystalfontz logo that is partially visible through the display. The display is on a breakout board connected to a raspberry pi zero

This giveaway has now closed This year for Pi Day, Crystalfontz is giving away a transparent OLED and a Pi Zero! Transparent OLED on Pi Zero The transparent OLED, transparent OLED breakout board, a USB cable, necessary wires and headers, and a Pi Zero with the uSD card, running a demonstration.

Crystalfontz In the Wild: Solar-Powered WiFi ePaper

128x296 ePaper Display by Crystalfontz

Check out this developer’s innovative use of the Crystalfontz 128×296 3-color ePaper display — a solar-powered WiFi ePaper setup. Developer Frank Buss provides a detailed write up of his project on his HackADay post. From his post: “The amazing thing about ePapers is that the image lasts without power forever (I tested it for months), and the contrast is … Read more Crystalfontz In the Wild: Solar-Powered WiFi ePaper