CFA835 - 244x68 Graphic LCD - Crystalfontz

FAQ: How Do I Display an Image on the Crystalfontz 835 LCD Module?


How do I display an image on CFA835 module using the RS232 interface?


You can send an image directly from your host application, or read it off the uSD card.

CFA835 - 244x68 Graphic LCD - Crystalfontz

Image Requirements for Use on an LCD Module

    • The image needs to be a BMP, grayscale, 8 bits/pixel, no compression, Microsoft Windows format only.
    • Max resolution is 244×68 pixels (the size of the display)

Image Creation and Conversion Tools

You can use any imaging software to create this file format.

Converting an existing image:

Editing software:

CFA835 Utilities

For our font editor, video encoder, and graphic tester, please visit our CFA835 Utilities page.


For questions about displaying an image on a Crystalfontz 835 LCD, what LCD is the best choice for your application, or any other questions (technical or availability), please contact our knowledgeable and friendly support staff via email, phone, or chat.