Small OLED Development kit

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plug-and-play kit for epaper display
Development kit for the CFAP128296B0-0290

Are you interested in getting into displays, but unsure quite where to start? A seasoned developer looking to smooth out the design process? An engineering student’s mom/uncle/ grandparent looking for a cool tech gift? Crystalfontz has the solution! We carry development kits that provide a nice jumping off point for exploring a new display.

There are two types of development kits:

  • The -1 series includes the display and a specially designed carrier board;
  • The -2 series includes the display, carrier board, wiring and an Arduino-compatible microcontroller. We even wire up the display and ship it with demo code loaded so it’s completely plug-and-play.

Why use a development kit?

For engineering teams:

Starting with a development kit provides flexibility during development in the form of a hands-on, working display during the design phase. This makes it easy for  management and marketing to quickly get an accurate idea of what the final project will look like.

For hobbyists, makers, tinkers, and learners:

Starting with a development kit means more time getting to the meat of your project and less time burning your fingers with solder and banging your head against the wall because you counted the pins wrong. Plus, our -2 series comes with everything needed to start making cool projects.

Small OLED Development kit

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