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Display Supply Chain: What to Expect in 2021

We know that December is often a planning and logistics heavy month. We want to let you know what to expect from your display supplier in the coming months.

Chinese New Year

Every year at this time, we at Crystalfontz are in mid-swing planning for Chinese New Year. Unfortunately for us but luckily for you, we’re not planning celebrations. Instead we are working to ensure a smooth supply availability for our customers.

The holiday starts between the end of January and the end of February depending on the moon cycle and lasts multiple weeks. In 2021 it begins on February 12. Many of our partner factories have extended closures to celebrate. This can mean extended lead times around the holiday as the factories take time off to celebrate and then work through back orders upon their return. To make sure our customers don’t experience this lag, Crystalfontz stocks large quantities of our best-selling displays at our headquarters in Washington State. If you would like to reserve stock, place your order now and we will reserve displays for you.

Delays and Shortages

Like in so many other aspects, this year has added complications to planning for the Chinese New Year shut down. For one, the pandemic has greatly impacted both local and international shipping. As people have turned to delivery for an increasing number of their needs, shipping companies have had to adjust to changing worker protection requirements. This has led to delivery delays and pricing increases.

Additionally, there are ongoing glass and component shortages affecting the manufacture of displays. The glass shortage has been in the news for a few years affecting sectors across the board from displays to solar panels to vaccine vials to beverage containers to construction all of which is tied to a global sand shortage. Similarly, the component shortage also originated years ago, though it is related to manufacturing capability rather than material shortage.

Where is the Good News?

Crystalfontz is here to help smooth the display supply out for our customers. We carry enough stock of our displays that these delays are often invisible to our customers. We can do even better if you let us know annual quantities in advance so we can ensure we have stock available when you need it.

Additionally, bear in mind that ordering bulk quantities can save money – both by unlocking larger quantity discounts and by saving on shipping costs. For special orders or custom displays, please bear in mind that these circumstances may lead to multiple month lead times.

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