How We Got To Now - PBS screenshot of Crystalfontz 633 LCD

In the News: Crystalfontz on PBS

Today’s post highlights a Crystalfontz LCD sighting on PBS television.

PBS Series: “How We Got To Now”

The PBS (Public Broadcasting Service) show, How We Got To Now is a 6-part series exploring the things we often take for granted in modern life, and the innovators who brought these life-changing ideas into the world.

From PBS:

How We Got To Now with Steven Johnson reveals the story behind the remarkable ideas that made modern life possible; the unsung heroes that brought them into the world – and the unexpected and bizarre consequences each of these innovations has triggered. [Read more]

The six topics covered include:

  1. Clean – The history of clean water and sewage systems.
  2. Time – Standardized time and how we work, navigate, and live.
  3. Glass – How glass lenses and mirrors changed the world.
  4. Light – Our inventions and use of light.
  5. Cold – How humans have learned to make things cold.
  6. Sound – The impact of sounds on our lives and world.

The Crystalfontz 633 LCD with keypad was featured in episode #2 – Time seen at 47.12 minutes in the video, discussing the timekeeping for the US Naval Observatory Master Clock, the central timekeeper for all clocks and computers.

Here is a screenshot from the video:

How We Got To Now - PBS screenshot of Crystalfontz 633 LCD

Watch the Series

View all of the How We Got To Now episode videos on PBSAmazon Prime, and Netflix.

Crystalfontz in the News

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