128x128 Graphic LCD Displays

Looking for the perfect 128 x 128 LCD? You've come to the right place! We've got an assortment of colors and technology of 128x128 LCDs. Looking for a TFT display? Here's our most popular 128x128 TFT Display.

128x128  Parallel Graphic LCD CFAG128128I-TMI-VZ
128x128 Parallel Graphic LCD
  • Part #: CFAG128128ITMIVZ
  • Size: 72.5mm x 69.9mm x 10.2mm
  • Interfaces: 8-bit Parallel
  • Resolution: 128x128 pixels
  • Color: White on Blue
  • Polarizer: Transmissive
  • Diagonal Dimension: 2.49"
  • Backlight: White LED
  • Controller: RAiO Technology RA6963
  • Type: Graphic LCD
Price Range: $26.59 - $41.23