In order to keep this display in production over the long term, we are revising it to a new part number. Any backorders placed now will be fulfilled with the new part when it becomes available. Please contact support with any questions.

480x128 EVE Bar-Type TFT LCD

Part Number: CFAF480128A0-039TC-A1-1

This display module is made up of a neat 3.9" display with a wide aspect ratio mounted to an accelerator board that includes and FTDI/BridgeTek Embedded Video Engine (EVE) chip. The accelerator board is specifically designed for the display, resulting in a nice fit, perfect to be used in any project.

This bar-type display module is great for rack-mount applications and fits in a 1U rack. Its unusual shape lends itself to a wide variety of applications. This TFT module has rear-facing pem-nuts so it's easy to secure in an enclosure.

  • Great for rack-mount applications
  • Slim design with rear-facing pem-nuts for easy fastening to an enclosure
  • EVE2 accelerator
  • Capacitive touch
  • 30-pin FPC / ZIF Connection
For more information about the display, see the 3.9" bar-type display product page.

Why use EVE?
  • Simplified control of all touch handling, display, audio, and backlight
  • EVE UI design software for your PC simplifies the design process
  • Enhanced sketch processing
  • Supports playback of motion-JPEG encoded AVI videos
  • Mono audio channel output with wave playback and built-in sound synthesizer
  • PWM output for display backlight dimming control

For more information on EVE, see our FTDI/BridgeTek EVE benefits blog post.

Need a breakout board? The EVE Breakout Board breaks out the connections to the EVE module to 0.1" headers for easy development.

Don't forget you'll need a cable to connect the display to the EVE Breakout Board. For that we have a 6-inch 30-pin FPC Cable and a 12-inch 30-pin FPC.

Need a complete Seeeduino/Arduino development kit that includes this display module, the EVE breakout board, a Seeeduino, and the necessary connectors? Check out the 480x128 EVE bar-type development kit.

Ordering Information

* This is a special order part.
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Video Demonstrations

480x128 EVE Bar-Type Touchscreen TFT

Quick demonstration of our EVE Bar-Type touchscreen display.


Physical Characteristics

Column Dots x Row Dots 480 x 128
Module Overall width height
millimeters 105.5 37
inches 4.154 1.457
Diagonal Dimension 3.87"
Optional Connectors CS050Y30TB0
Weight 59.6g

Optical Characteristics

Polarizer Transmissive
Backlight Color White
Backlight Type LED


Interface SPI


Touch Screen Capacitive

Part Change Notice

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Part Change Notice #11113: End-of-Life Notification

Products Affected: CFAF480128A0-039TC, CFAF480128A0-039TC-A1-1, CFAF480128A0-039TC-A1-2
Date Issued: January 17, 2022
Summary: End-of-Life Notification
Description: The capacitive touch controller used with this display is being changed to a more readily available controller. The part number for the replacement part is CFAF480128A1-039TC. The display itself is not changing.
Reason: To prepare for chip shortages, higher MOQs, and cost increases, Crystalfontz has determined to change the touch panel to a touch panel with a different touch controller.
Availability: Contact Crystalfontz Support for up-to-date information by emailing

Product Update #11065: Firmware update.

Products Affected: CFAF480128A0-039TC-A1-1, CFAF480128A0-039TC-A1-2
Date Issued: June 11, 2020
Summary: Firmware update.
Description: The change is firmware only and the only change is to turn the backlight off until after the initialization of the display.
Reason: If power is provided to the display the backlight is on until the initialization is sent. We have modified the firmware so the display stays off until the end-user has the ability to control the backlight.
Impact: Hardware Version: 0v4
Software Version: 0v0
For reference only. For design purposes, please use the specifications in the datasheet.