FTDI/Bridgetek Embedded Video Engine (EVE) Modules

What makes EVE modules so great?

Crystalfontz EVE modules include an EVE graphic controller from FTDI/Bridgetek making it easy to use and control the display, touch, backlight, and audio features of an embedded system. Each of the controllable features appears to the host MCU as a memory-mapped SPI device. The host MCU sends commands and data using SPI protocol.

This video is a great summary of why we’re excited about EVE:

Quick EVE summary

Crystalfontz EVE modules accept high level commands, simplify writing images and fonts (included angled fonts) on TFTs. This means fonts, buttons, and tables can each be easily sent to a TFT using a one-line command.

In FTDI’s own words, EVE provides “increased pixel resolution for sharper imagery, increased speed for faster data transfer and image/video loading, and larger memory capacity in order to create advanced, dynamic and sophisticated Human Machine Interfaces (HMIs).”

EVE Graphics Accelerator Features

  • Support multiple widgets for simplified design implementation
  • User interface design software (PC) simplifies the design process
  • Hardware engine can recognize touch tags and track touch movement
  • Enhanced sketch processing
  • Anti-aliasing of primitive displayed objects for higher-quality graphics
  • Assorted graphical effects such as alpha-blending, shadows, transitions, wipes, etc.
  • Programmable interrupt controller provides interrupts to host MCU
  • Support playback of motion-JPEG encoded AVI videos
  • Mono audio channel output with wave playback and built-in sound synthesizer
  • PWM output for display backlight dimming control

Crystalfontz Demo Code

This video explores the different demonstrations included in the demo code:

Exploration of Demo Code

The demonstrated code is open source demo code and available for each module on the product pages . Check out the individual product pages and download the demo code from the right hand information bar. The file is normally called “Software Source.”

Further information including programming examples, interface design software, and more can be found on FTDI’s website, and in the FTDI FT81x LCD datasheet.

Crystalfontz EVE Products

Crystalfontz has just added new EVE module offerings for sale on our website. At the time of writing, we have three different modules to choose from: a 3.0″, a 3.5″, and a 5.0″. We’ll be adding EVE board support for more of our modules over the next year. Check out all of our EVE Modules.

We offer two different types of development kits. A “-1” kit includes the display and the board. A “-2” kit which includes everything you need to bring the display up (except a power supply) already hooked up and ready to go.

Shows everything included in a CFAF240400C0-030SC-A1-2 development kit: a "-1" module (kit and EVE board), Seeedunio, CFA10098, jumper wires, and a ribbon cable
The full “-2” kit: a “-1” module (kit and EVE board), Seeedunio, CFA10098, jumper wires, and a ribbon cable

Crystalfontz also created a breakout board specifically for our EVE modules. The CFA10098 EVE Breakout Board includes a ZIF connector to connect the EVE board to the breakout board, and a 14-pin 0.1″ pitch connector to facilitate connecting to a microcontroller. The breakout board also includes audio amplifier and connection for a speaker to enable using the EVE’s PWM output.

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