EVE Bar-Type TFT Development Kit

Part Number: CFAF480128A0-039TC-A1-2


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This bar-type TFT development kit includes everything you need to get started prototyping and building with the 480x128 accelerated display module . This development kit includes the bar-type display module with the accelerator board connected an EVE Breakout Board connected to a Seeeduino loaded with demo code. Once you receive the development kit, all you need to do to get the demo kit running is check the connections and plug in the included USB cable.

  • Great for rack-mount applications
  • Slim design with rear-facing pem-nuts for easy fastening to an enclosure
  • EVE2 accelerator
  • Cap touch
  • Adapter board has a jack to connect a speaker

Video Demonstrations

EVE Demonstration Video

1U EVE TFT Display video demonstration.