2016 Mosaic in LCD font - crystalfontz.com

Engineering and Art

Engineers are known for their curious and typically black-and-white way of thinking. They tackle the tough problems. They love math. Order and matching rule.

Their art is usually defined by measurable parameters — CAD drawings, tracings, and placements of resistors.

Crystalfontz electrical engineer Brent recently did some mosaic artwork, inspired by his wife who enjoys creating glass and ceramic mosaics.

Concrete Art

Where to start? Brent was not sure. Then inspiration struck… he had an idea utilizing a Crystalfontz 634 LCD module font.

Brent greatly enlarged “2016” using the graphic from a 634 module to create this mosaic work in newly poured concrete. Way to go, Brent!

2016 Mosaic in LCD font - crystalfontz.com

Ready To Power Up?

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