32 Ton Hydraulic Press Brake - image courtesy of http://nuclearprojects.com/

Engineering Project: Crystalfontz 835 and an Arduino Mega 2560

Crystalfontz 835 Keypad LCD Display ModulesCrystalfontz actively supports learning, especially for engineers-in-training. A few months ago, we were approached by a senior student working on a capstone project at EWU and the project was unveiled at a poster presentation on June 1st at the university.

We are impressed by this project, incorporating a Crystalfontz 835 LCD module and an Arduino Mega 2560 microcontroller to build a 32-Ton Automated Hydraulic Press Brake.

Design & Build: 32-Ton Automated Hydraulic Press Brake

A capstone project is a culminating project to integrate everything the student has learned. For this project, the team’s goal was, among other things, to build a press capable of “bending A36 steel plate up to 1/4″ in thickness, at least 19″ wide.” No small task.

A programmable, easy-to-integrate, LCD with a keypad was necessary for automation and user interaction with the hydraulic press break. The CFA835 was perfect for this task.

32 Ton Hydraulic Press Brake - image courtesy of http://nuclearprojects.com/


Learn More About This Project

The mechanical engineering student in charge of this project did an excellent job documenting his process and progress on his blog.

Read more here:


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