TFT stands for Thin Film Transistor. TFTs are also known as “Active Matrix TFT LCD modules” and have an array of these thin film transistors fabricated on the glass that makes the LCD. There is one of these transistors for each pixel on the LCD. For a typical small color TFT LCD with a resolution … Read more TFT


TRANSFLECTIVE is a portmanteau of TRANSmissive and reFLECTIVE. A transflective LCD combines the best features of a reflective LCDs and transmissive LCDs.   A transflective LCD will reflect ambient light, allowing it to be visible in normal office light without using a backlight. In bright sunlight, a transflective LCD is still visible and does not … Read more Transflective


A transmissive LCD depends on light from its backlight being transmitted through the LCD to your eyes. Transmissive LCDs are always combined with a backlight. Transmissive LCDs can be seen easily in normal office lighting, and in darkness. Typically transmissive LCDs will not be visible in bright sunlight. It is possible to make a sunlight … Read more Transmissive


ZIF: Short for Zero Insertion Force connector. This kind of connector is intended to be used with FPC (Flexible Printed Circuit) or FFC (Flat Flexible Cable). Typically a ZIF connector has a movable element that can be opened or closed. In the open position FPC/FFC can be easily slid in, then the connector is closed … Read more ZIF