In order to keep this display in production over the long term, we are revising it to the CFAF240320A0-024SN-A1-2. Any backorders placed now will be fulfilled with the new part when it becomes available. Please contact with any questions.

2.4" Sunlight Readable EVE TFT Development Kit

Part Number: CFAF240320A0-024SN-A1-2

This full 2.4" EVE development kit includes everything needed to demonstrate either the 2.4" EVE module or the 2.4" standalone display. Simply plug the Seeeduino to power and supply 3.3V to the EVE Breakout Board to initiate a demonstration on the display.

Some special features:
  • Graphics accelerating FT811 chip for easy graphics control
  • Sunlight Readable (850 nits)
  • SPI interface
  • IPS (can be viewed from any direction)
  • Full-color TFT Display
  • Seeeduino demo kit running a demonstration program
  • EVE chip that supports the display and audio functionality
Included in this kit:

Part Change Notice

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  • text_snippet
    Part Change Notice #11100: Board Revision
    Products Affected: CFAF240320A0-024SC-A1-1, CFAF240320A0-024SC-A1-2, CFAF240320A0-024SN-A1-1, CFAF240320A0-024SN-A1-2
    Date Issued: August 17, 2021
    Summary: Board Revision
    Description: The board is being revised to support a different NXP processor as the helper processor on the board. This will not affect the functionality of the module and is a drop-in replacement.

    Hardware Version Changes: h0v1 to h0v2
    Firmware Version: N/A
    Reason: Due to the ongoing worldwide component shortage, we are unable to source the current processor until 2023. Instead of having a year-long lead time for our product, we are designing in a readily available processor.
    Availability: The new version will be available in Q4 of 2021.