3.5" Capacitive Touchscreen TFT Display

Part Number: CFAF320240H0-035SC

With a lovely overhanging capacitive touchscreen, this display is a sleek choice for your project. Easily attach the display to your housing using the included tape.

Sunlight readable, IPS, and supporting 16.7 million colors, this display makes your graphics visible from any angle and even in direct sunlight.

Product Features:
  • 320(RGB) x 240 pixels
  • 3.5" diagonal
  • Capacitive Touchscreen
  • RGB interface (24-bit, 16.7M colors)
  • Sitronix ST7272A TFT Controller
  • CF1216 Touch Controller
  • Free Viewing Angle
  • 40-pin ZIF tail for display
  • 6-pin ZIF tail for touchscreen
  • Sunlight Readable (850 nit backlight)
  • 3.3v logic, 19.2v backlight
Part Number:
CFA - Crystalfontz America
320240 - Pixel resolution
H0 - Family
035 - 3.5" diagonal
S - Sunlight readable
C - Capacitive Touchscreen

Video Demonstrations

3.5" IPS TFT Displays

A quick video demonstration of the 3 different 3.5-inch Sunlight readable IPS TFT displays.

For reference only. For design purposes, please use the specifications in the datasheet.