7.5 inch ePaper Arduino Kit

Part Number: CFAP640384A0-E2-2

Purchase this large 7.5" ePaper with an ePaper adapter board and an Arduino based controller board for quickly prototyping and demonstrating your ePaper product. This ePaper Arduino development kit includes everything you need and comes fully assembled.

*To display high resolution images like the one above, you'll need to add an SDCard and Reader to the Seeeduino since it does not have enough memory for complex images.
Quantity Price
1 $111.83
* Pricing is subject to change. Contact us about potential lead times.
Components worth considering
4701 MicroSD Card Reader
Need a MicroSD Reader? $8.60 ea.
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Physical Characteristics

Diagonal Dimension 7.49"
Weight 45.4g

Electrical Specifications

Module Connector Pitch 2.54mm