Crystalfontz e-paper 200x200

A Closer Look: Crystalfontz ePaper 200×200 1.54″ Zero-Power Display

This black and white 200×200 e-paper display module is a perfect size for small, low power electronic shelf labels. Once the epaper’s eink image is shown, it remains visible with zero additional power!

These e-Paper displays will retain the last image shown on their screen indefinitely, with no electrical connections and zero power consumption.

Additional Benefits of ePaper

  • E-Paper is readable in any lighting condition that normal paper could be read in.
    Note: Because they are low-power, ePaper does not emit any light, so it can’t be read in the dark.
  • E-paper displays are growing rapidly in popularity and can be scanned by barcode readers.
  • Wide viewing angle makes the display easily readable from all directions.
  • Supports 4 wire SPI for communications
  • Sunlight Readable. Displays reflect light like ordinary paper, making them easy to read in direct sunlight.
  • Bi-stable image displays without any flickering.
  • Long lifetime: ~5 years / ~1M updates.

In this demonstration, there is full update, where the controller flashes the screen a couple of times to assure that there is no residual image, then the demo cycles through several partial updates, animating the letters.

This demonstration uses a Seeeduino v4.2 (Arduino UNO clone) running at 3.3v.

The display has a ZIF connector which makes it very easy to integrate into your design. There are a few external components which create a voltage generator, so you only need a single 3.3v.

The full Arduino source running in this demonstration is available for download, as well as both executable and source for a utility to convert standard windows bitmap files to C source code that can be used in the demonstration code.

Crystalfontz E-Paper Display Modules

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