Image copyright jasoneppink - used with permission

Crystalfontz in the movies? Well, almost!

Jason Eppink of the Museum of the Moving Image in Astoria New York has been working on a great little project that shows subtitles on an external Crystalfontz LCD, while the video plays on a monitor above.

The project is open source on GitHub.

Image copyright jasoneppink - used with permission

Project Details

It uses a Raspberry Pi to play the videos. The rPI sends the caption information to an Arduino, which renders the strings on the CFAG24064A graphic LCD using the U8g2 library.

From Jason:

External Subtitles for Video Installations (extsub) plays fullscreen video (up to full HD) while simultaneously processing and displaying subtitles in one or more selectable languages on a separate graphic LCD display.

It is an affordable (~$150 USD per unit), easy-to-build, easy-to-maintain, open source project using completely off-the-shelf hardware. It uses a Raspberry Pi to display video and talk to the Arduino via serial, which sends subtitles to a CFAG24064A-series display.

extsub is still in development, but the prototype is stable.

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