Crystalfontz 160x80 Parallel Graphic LCD

Transmissive vs Transflective vs Reflective Displays

Crystalfontz 160x80 Parallel Graphic LCD

Have you ever wondered what the difference is between transmissive, transflective, and reflective display modules?

We’ve added 3 new terms to the Crystalfontz Glossary this week. Here is a quick intro about the main defining feature for each type of display module.

Click on each link to learn more, see photos, and find applicable Crystalfontz displays for each category.

What Display is Best For Your Project?

Crystalfontz carries a large selection of display modules in a variety of sizes, colors, and technical specifications.

If you have any questions about transmissive, reflective, or transflective displays or what type of display module would work best for your project, please contact our knowledgeable and friendly support staff by email, phone, or chat for assistance.