FTDI EVE Development Kits

Interested in getting started with the FTDI Embedded Video Engine (EVE) platform? Crystalfontz offers a complete line of EVE enabled displays mounted on an EVE board. We also have breakout boards availableas well as complete Arduino/Seeeduino kits for quick demonstrations.

EVE Bar-Type TFT Development Kit
  • Part #: CFAF480128A0039TCA12
800x480 EVE Development Platform
  • Part #: CFAF800480E1050SCA12
  • Size: 120.7mm x 76.3mm x 10.75mm
  • Interfaces: SPI
  • Resolution: 800x480 pixels
  • Backlight: White LED
240x400 EVE TFT Development Kit
  • Part #: CFAF240400C0030SCA12
  • Size: 120.7mm x 76.3mm x 10.75mm
EVE 3.5 Inch TFT Development Kit
  • Part #: CFAF320240F035TTSA12
  • Size: 120.7mm x 76.3mm x 10.75mm