Front of the OLED breakout board

OLED Breakout Board: Getting Started Guide

This guide is for bringing up a compatible OLED display on a CFA10105 breakout board. Compatible OLEDs include: the transparent and these white and yellow displays.

What You’ll Need

Set Up

In this guide, we’re going to connect using the SPI interface. The CFA10105 ships with both the BS1 and BS2 jumpers open, which makes the “default” interface SPI. Let us know if you want a guide for a different interface!

STEP 1: Ensure the voltage selection switch on the Seeeduino is set to 3v3. Using 5v can permanently damage your display.

STEP 2: Wire it up! Using the table below, connect the CFA-10105 to the Seeeduino using the headers and jumper cables.

CFA-10105 Color Arduino Function
3.3V Red 3V3 Power
GND Black GND Ground
CS Purple D8 Chip Select
D/C Brown A0 Data/Command
RST Grey D9 Reset
D0 Green D13 SCK, clock
D1 Blue D11 MOSI, Data
D2, VEN, E, R/W N/A NC Not connected
D3-D7 Not shown Pull High  

STEP 3: Connect your Seeeduino to your computer using the USB cable and load your code!

Further Information

See the Crystalfontz website for further information including full product datasheets and programming examples:×64-white-graphic-oled×64-yellow-graphic-oled-154×56-transparent-oled-screen

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