FAQ: How Do I Code For A Crystalfontz LCD?

Our tech support team is often asked for information about “how to code an LCD.” In other words, how do I get started (and what is the best choice) of an LCD module for my project?

Crystalfontz Advanced LCD Modules
Crystalfontz Advanced LCD Modules

Answer: The Crystalfontz Advanced LCD Modules are the quickest and easiest way to power up and run your LCD. These modules are easy to hook up, easy to program, and fully customizable.

The CFA Advanced Modules are designed by us to fit into your project seamlessly with multiple interfaces, advanced power management, programmable keypads, and more.

Getting Started with Crystalfontz Advanced LCDs

Here are 3 steps to have your LCD module up and running in no time.

1) Start with CF Test – Crystalfontz offers free software to test and drive our Crystalfontz Advanced LCD modules. This software is called cfTest and can be found here.

This testing software demonstrates the features of the Advanced LCD modules and allows the user to experiment with the LCD’s command set.

2) Datasheet – Each LCD module has a PDF datasheet found on the same tab as the code samples. The datasheet includes the full command set and coding information for the module.

3) Use the Source – We also have open source Linux example code – Linux-compatible command-line example programs with C source code. This code supports Crystalfontz Advanced LCD Modules using USB and serial interface.

Not into Linux? We have the older–but still valid– WinTest series, each of which has full Visual Studio compatible source code included on the “Datasheets & Files” tab:

We are here to help

Need help getting your display going? We designed these modules so we know the best way to accomplish your integration and we’ll provide all the support you need to make sure these displays are a perfect choice for your product or project.

Please contact us via phone, email, or chat. Our friendly staff can help you select the best LCD for your project and help you get started.